Emperor Ling

Current ruler of China in 184 A.D.


Personal Information

  • Born: 156 A.D.
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Died: 13 May, 189 A.D.
  • Place of Death: Hall of Excellent Virtue; Imperial Palace in the capital city of Luoyang.


  • Style name: Unknown.
  • Other name(s): Unknown.
  • Chinese: 漢靈帝 (emperor ling – traditional). 汉灵帝 (emperor ling – simplified). 劉宏 (Liu Hong – traditional). 刘宏 (Liu Hong – simplified).
  • Pinyin: Hàn Língdì / Liú Hóng.
  • Wade-Giles: Han Ling-ti / Liu Hung.

Battle Information

  • Served: Han.
  • Participation(s): The Yellow Turban Rebellion.
  • Achievement(s): Became Emperor of Han.
  • List of Kills: None.

Ranks and Titles

  • Emperor of Han; Xiaoling (posthumous).

Emperor Ling of Han (born: Liu Hong) was the son and successor of Emperor Huan. In 189 A.D. he was succeeded by Liu Bian, as Emperor Shao. Ling placed all his trust in his eunuchs, particularly Zhang Rang, who headed his own Eunuch Faction. He ruled China from 168 A.D. until his death in 189 A.D.

Emperor Ling

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